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Can't register device

Can't register device

Postby Learnincurve » Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:39 am


I have a Tidal account and use LMS with a home-built, ARM-64 player device running Squeezelite-R2 https://github.com/marcoc1712/squeezelite-R2.

I have Tidal successfully running using the old, Logitech Tidal plugin, but would like to be future-proof, by migrating to Ickstream, as well as hoping that Tidal-Search through Ickstream is better than the logitech plugin.

I have followed the instructions on the Open_Beta_Squeezebox wiki pages and got as far as:

Adding the plugin
Registering my account using my Tidal login.

The plugin Advanced options screen shows that I am logged in and lists my player and LMS under registered players, but I am not able to explicitly accept the licence agreement (terms of use) for LMS (which I can read, but where I can't see an acceptance control), or Squeezelite-R2 (where no licence agreement can be found).

The Ickstream website allows me to log in, but doesn't list any devices for my account.

Please can someone help me progress to get Ickstream activated?


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Re: Can't register device

Postby remd » Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:43 am

You seem to have three different ickstream accounts, one with no player, one with a SBTouch and one with a Squeezelite and MerryIII.
Your Tidal account is registered on the first account which doesnt have any players associated to it.
So you can login your ickstream account from cloud.ickstream.com with your @lyse.net account, and go to the services menu and add tidal from there, or we can erase all three accounts and you start again.
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Re: Can't register device

Postby Iden » Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:55 pm

It's clear to me now.
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