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Logging off Tidal?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 2:19 am
by tonyd
I am using Tidal under Vortexbox/LMS. I log in to ickstream using myTidal login and am able to play music. However I also have a second Vortexbox/LMS server ad I would like to be able to use Tidal from it as well, not concurrently. However when I click on 'ickstream' on the second server LMS goes into 'waiting'mode. The first server is still powered on. I therefore thought the problem must be that Tidal allows only one online session to be active for an account. I therefore logged out of ickstream on the first server; however this made this made no difference and I was still not able to open ickstream on the second server.

My question therefore is: does logging out of ickstream also close the Tidal session that was was used to log in to it? And if not, how can I end that Tidal session?