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Soundcloud feedback

Soundcloud feedback

Postby mkkyah » Sat Dec 13, 2014 11:37 am

I was following ickStream development from a distance, but decided to jump on and see the situation by my self with pippin's recommendation on slimdevices forum.

I think generally I understand and accept the advantages for future that someone is taking care of API relations with commercial 3th parties. So good luck with it to ickStream and to us users.

I have added Soundcloud and Deezer as services after a problem-free installation. This topic is about what I think and find out about Soundcloud integration:

As an active user of Squeezecloud plugin in LMS, I can say that Soundcloud ickstream integration is in almost perfect usable stage in general.
-- There is same "you select a track and another one from the list is playing with mobile controllers" issue as in Squeezecloud plugin on only "Trending Music" listing. Other menu listings or web UI act normal.
-- There is no artwork of listed tracks on web UI. This is true for all menu items on last stage of listing tracks and its only Web UI problem, normal on mobile.
-- I think "Followings" should have "Favorites" sub menu besides "Tracks" and "Playlists"
-- You can't shift forward-backward on timeline; both mobile and web UI. This is changing on Squeezecloud plugin, but it's working at the moment.
-- There is no "soundcloud URL" input on menu. It's not a big issue but is sometimes useful.
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